Consecration Acres

"If ye labor with all your might, I will consecrate that spot that it shall be made holy."

Bouncing babies and a garden transition

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The goat babies have finished up their first week of life on the Acres. They all seem to favor one side for nursing, so Isaiah has had to milk her out on the other side a couple of times, but aside from that it’s all been pretty uneventful. They are cute and bouncy and seem to be growing. This week we’ll disbud and destroy their photogenicity for a while and then have a gap until castration and ear tattooing and deciding what to do with a surplus of does.

We are starting to ease from planting into harvesting. This week I planted corn, a couple more tomatoes and sweet potatoes and I’ll plant a few more of the last two this upcoming week, but everything else is in and growing well with the increased temperatures this week. The peas fully gave up and fell over just in time for the harvest to begin (I makeshifted them some supports on my garden walk this afternoon) and it looks like the beets are ready, many of the carrots are ready, we harvested our first beet, zucchini and summer squash (we’ve got a little blossom end rot on one plant), some little pickling cucumbers that were past their prime (totally missed them due to their size) and I’ve been harvesting the outer spinach leaves for a while now. The weeds are also going great guns and that and the hot, dry winds provide great incentive for me to pile on some more mulch.

My sauerkraut and kimchi finished on the same day despite being started three days apart (go figure). Kimchi is spicy…I will have to try using it a bit more before I’ll have more to report than that. I also started some more sourdough in the fridge with a mnemonic trigger. We’ll see how, “feed it on Friday” works in my head. We’ve also got “wormer Wednesday” for the goats and “weekly-feed Wednesday” for the garden. C’mon brain, you can do it.

We survived and saw that last of 150-ish lbs of cherries. Most went into the freezer, some into cherry preserves, some into our bellies and some into the dehydrator. The ones in the dehydrator are not dissimilar from raisins and probably not worth the hassle of pitting for the end result. I may try soaking them in something tart first, should I feel compelled to try it again.

And we had two new shipments this week: 53 Delaware roos (hatcheries often “throw in” extras to cover any that don’t survive shipment, but all of ours did!) and the supplies for our irrigation system. I can confidently say that the boys were more excited about the yards of black tubing and connectors than they were about the cute and noisy little fluffballs. The chicks equal more work while the irrigation supplies are a light at the end of an interminable watering routine.

Whee. I feel like I’m writing only to bullet points today, but my brain is juggling a bit more than it can comfortably handle. Now that I’ve decided to mentally turn the dead of summer into the dead of winter, I’m actually looking forward to the weather-mandated break, whatever its temperature may be. I fully intend to quilt, sew and be thoroughly nest-ish. Homemade ice cream will just have to stand in for the cups of cocoa.


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