Consecration Acres

"If ye labor with all your might, I will consecrate that spot that it shall be made holy."

Three going on four

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…weeks of being sick over here. I went down the 22nd and Isaiah, the last man standing, was doing the fever and chills thing today. It’s all been thoroughly lousy, but the worst was little Joseph over the weekend. For about 72 hours he was only sleeping 20-40 minutes at a stretch, running a pretty good fever and occasionally refusing to nurse for hours at a time. We were a pretty wretched pair for a while. The fever broke up gradually—on-again off-again on Sunday and then finally gone for good sometime that night. Monday morning I felt like I had awakened from a really long nightmare—every time I looked at Joseph (who was finally starting to look and act like Joseph again) I felt like crying and I kept hugging him till his eyes nearly bugged out. Fortunately, he thinks it’s funny to get squeezed. Oh, the agony of sick babies… I am hoping to be quit of this soon.

Our super-early Spring marches on whether or not we are ready for it. My husband and the well-ish kids put together about ½ of one of the garden beds yesterday. We have lots more to go. I actually spent a little time yesterday to finally run the numbers to determine how much bed space it would take to feed our crew for a full year. Ready? 470’ of 4’ wide beds AND 480’ of 18” wide beds (for vertical crops, if we decide to go that route). Whee. The biggest space hogs? Peas, at 120’x18” and watermelons at 72’x4’. If we didn’t love them, we’d just skip them.

Before Joseph got sick I was starting to feel a bit better and actually turned some on-sale roma tomatoes into marinara and (drumroll) I canned it in the pressure canner. I bought that silly thing about eight years ago and was too nervous about it ever to use it. Well, got that out of the way now. I am now ready for a thousand feet of vegetable garden. Our gas range is less powerful than I wish it were, so I was worried that I might not be able to maintain good pressure, but it all went swimmingly and I actually had to keep a good eye on it to keep it from getting too high. And the sauce is great. I’ll make more as the tomatoes present themselves.

I also stuck some sweet potatoes in water in hopes that they’ll send up lots of green shoots that we can then root and plant.  They haven’t done much yet.  I may be a little impatient.

Our bare root stuff has been arriving. My prayer now is that we can get it into the ground before it all dies in the heat. We also have trees, etc to go pick up at our nursery. They’ve been there for the last three weeks! And I still have all the trees to finish pruning before they start blooming! We’ve got to get well.


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