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Cheese update

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So the house was quite warm and rather smoky yesterday due to the wildfire and my cheese was hanging in muslin to drain further.  It had spent several ways in a colander in the fridge prior to this–the first day it was in a bowl that did not allow for good drainage, the second two (or maybe three….new baby days…) in the shallow pan in which I usually drain it.  When I pulled it out to hang it, I noticed that the muslin and the cheese that touched it were pretty dry, but the center was still liquidy.  As I was pressed for time, I just hung it up as it was and assumed it would work itself out.  Well, yesterday afternoon I started noticing an odd smell in the kitchen, but couldn’t trace it.  Yesterday evening I went into the pantry to check on the cheese and saw that the muslin was dotted with blue mold!  After Joseph went to sleep I took it down to see if I could salvage anything in the center of the cheese and found that the outside was quite, quite firm and the center was still the consistency of yogurt.  Apparently the time in the fridge had developed somewhat of a rind.  I was reading a blog on cheesemaking and I know that some cheeses are runny in the center, but I’m just really not up for that kind of thing happening without a good, trustworthy recipe.  I ran it down the sink. It did smell interesting as it went down.  Who knows, it might have been a gourmet hit: wildfire-smoked, accidental blue cheese with a runny middle.  I have decided to call it “Au Revoir”.


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