Consecration Acres

"If ye labor with all your might, I will consecrate that spot that it shall be made holy."

Praying for Precipitation

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It has been a good long month+ since I wrote last.  We brought some hideous virus back from Thanksgiving celebrations in AZ, were down with that for about two weeks, then the kids got food poisoning, and then my cold worsened and settled into my chest and I’ve been dealing with bronchitis since that.  Christmas was in there somewhere, I think.  And after a Christmas sick and pregnant, a Christmas moving, a Christmas traveling to a funeral and a wedding and another Christmas pregnant, I’m ready to sign up for an at-home, well, settled, calm, peaceful Christmas next year.  I miss baking, singing and feeling generally relaxed…

I also miss rain, horribly.  I woke up at about 6:00 this morning from a dream about Oregon and rain.  I realize that most of the USA would trade weather with us right now, but I’m really hating the near-70s and sunny.  Our pond was illegally pumped dry this summer (leaving us without water for fire protection), our pastures are still dry and yellow and we’re having to continue to water our trees and probably should be watering our strawberries as they still haven’t gone dormant.  This will have to affect the price and availability of hay, fruit, etc, etc going into next year as well.  I am watching the weather like I do during heatwaves–watching for the end!  We have a slight (30%) chance of rain in about a week, currently.  I am praying that that cloud off in the distance, as big as a man’s hand, will kick off a late, but thorough, rainy season.

And the goats are pregnant.  Penny’s health has been a little iffy.  She, for one, is enjoying the warm, dry weather.  When it was chilly, she was shivering a lot and, I hear, had a runny nose while we were in AZ…so I should be grateful for the bright side of this unseasonable weather.  I am making sure they get their minerals, and their hay is good.  I suppose I could start her on some herbs, but I don’t know what else to do.  Anyhow, as long as everything else goes well, we’ll have kids in May and milk soon thereafter.  The almond milk we’re covering the gap with is fine, but definitely not the same.

The whole farm life thing is so very uneven, feast-or-famine.  I remember when Spring hit and we were getting close to a dozen eggs and a gallon of milk a day.  The refrigerator was bursting and it took all my spare time to convert this stuff into food the family would eat.  I joked that when the Great Depression hit, we would live on custard.  Now we have no milk and 1-2 eggs per day and I am really grateful for foods that sound less glamorous but that store better than these.

Off to check on my crock pot full of pinto beans!


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