Consecration Acres

"If ye labor with all your might, I will consecrate that spot that it shall be made holy."

Poor Ducks

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And now they are both gone.

We think the other one flew out a gap in the netting at the top of their pen.  We will hope that their natural instincts were simply unbeatable and that they migrated with a passing flock, but Oldest Brother was hiking around the back of the forest and found fresh bones and feathers which may or may not have been duck.  I can’t think of this whole thing without a sigh and a substantial helping of guilt.  It’s just been unfortunate all the way along.

So we throw open the door of their stall (for air?  it doesn’t have a roof…), throw away their cracked and filthy kiddie pool and start thinking about housing little goatlets there in May.  We are planning to separate overnight and then milk in the morning.  I hope this (human) baby sleeps!  Otherwise I will have to start napping with baby or figure out how to build udder covers so I can milk in the evening.  Sleep, baby, sleep…..  We also met with our neighbor goat-lady and she sold one of her bucks and has two empty pens, so we’ll drop off our girls the Saturday before Thanksgiving and they will just stay there until they are bred.  She is only charging us a dollar a day for boarding and breeding, which is essentially just the cost of hay.  It’s a pretty wonderful deal.  I don’t do everything the way she does and she thinks I’m a little nuts for it, but all-in-all she’s been great, made this whole dairy goat thing possible for us and I am very grateful.

One last goat item.

spray patt

Spray Patterns

Penelope is a 5 on her right teat and a 1 on her left.  Since I milk facing her back end my right hand ends up significantly more sore and tired than my left.  That’s ok, I’ve toughed out worse.  Angel, though, is sometimes a 5 on both sides, but sometimes ends up more of a 4 or 6 on one side or the other which necessitates my holding the bowl up right under that teat or losing 1/2 to 2/3 of the milk from that side onto the stand, the wall, her legs or my lap!  Seriously!

Does anyone know how to adjust a goat’s nozzles?


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