Consecration Acres

"If ye labor with all your might, I will consecrate that spot that it shall be made holy."

Milk Report and Clothes for Children I Don’t Have

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All right.  The goats surely think they are pretty funny, but I’m getting a little worried about how this whole drying up thing is going to go!  Angel is consistently back up over a pint and Penny up over a quart again.  At some point I need to draw out their milking curves.  Most of the ones I’ve seen from normal goats look like a slow, gentle curve–my goats’ have precipitous drops and now unexplained rises!  Seriously!  My husband proposed trying to milk through and just skipping breeding this year (oh yeah, their cycles are REALLY hard to nail down.  My predictions didn’t come about, and I am having nightmarish visions of daily driving goats to our neighbor’s house until we can get them bred…), but I really don’t think that this will hold out.  A bit over a quart and a half just covers our normal daily milk needs but no cheese, custard, butter, and other things we were looking forward to and if they drop just a little, it doesn’t cover those daily needs anymore.  I am just trying to figure out WHY.  Was their condition poor enough that they were producing much less than they were capable of?  Oy, being a goat newbie sure is perplexing.

We just went through the huge, horrible seasonal clothing swap.  I remember this being exciting when I was a child–the thrill of pulling out old favorites and restocking dressers–not so thrilling as a mother.  Clothes multiply in my house.  A child will say they need something, I’ll find something for a reasonable price and purchase it, but then birthdays and Christmas come and now they have three of said item and THEN someone looks at us and decides that with all these kids we could surely use clothes and so they give us all the ones that their kids have grown out of and so it goes.  By getting rid of loads of perfectly good clothes I been able to have strictly limit our clothing storage to one full Rubbermaid tote per size (both genders) and this only takes up one of the smaller walls of our bonus room.  So I only have complete wardrobes for 21 children that I do not have.  Reviewing my grandfather’s letters about his growing up during the Depression made me just a touch wistful–maybe three outfits per child, two for regular use and one for special occasions AND THEY WOULD ALL BE WORN TO RAGS BY THE END OF THE YEAR.  No totes needed!  Reading Dickens reminded me as well, that people were often recognized by the outfit they wore because they wore the same thing every day and no one expected any different.  Being a mother and somewhat concerned for cleanliness, it does make my skin crawl just a little, but looking at our mountains of laundry every week, I have to admit there is something to be said for doing this whole thing a different way.


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