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"If ye labor with all your might, I will consecrate that spot that it shall be made holy."

Determining When to Breed Dairy Goats…

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…is more difficult than you might think.

I am due…some time….early to mid April-ish.

Angel (who is not one) came into heat on October 2nd.

Goats have a 21 day cycle so she should be in heat again around the 23rd.  If she is successfully bred on that date she would kid around the 22nd of March.  Giving mom and kids time to bond and establish nursing, we wouldn’t want to start milking before April 5th….but I probably wouldn’t be up to milking regularly until about six weeks later.  That’s kind of a lot of milk not to keep up with and there’s disbudding that needs to happen at ten days, too.  Not great.

Her 2nd cycle would be the 13th of November, kidding April 12th (same time as baby), disbudding 22nd, milking 26th.

Her 3rd cycle would be the 4th of December, kidding May 3rd, disbudding 13th, milking 17th.

Penny (who is also not one) came into heat on October 6th.  Add six days to all the dates above.  That early May kidding would really work best.  Do goats still breed successfully in December?  If they don’t get pregnant that week, is there any hope for a late December breeding, or have we painted ourselves into a corner?



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