Consecration Acres

"If ye labor with all your might, I will consecrate that spot that it shall be made holy."

A beginning

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We will have been here a year and a half at the end of this month.

I have felt in the midst of a whirlwind since we got here.  Between moves, babies and recoveries I have been frequently….flattened and needing to rebuild.  Perhaps I am not where I was hoping I would be at this particular point (house, land, infrastructure, etc), but He knows best and I have to trust that if I am doing all I can He will make up the difference and make my efforts sufficient.

I am currently flattened again, NOT taking the world by storm, but required to let it all wash over and around me while I grow a baby.

And so….I begin this.  Why not?

These first few months will be records of what I’m reading, planning, my pies in the sky (like my current header) and a little bit of record-keeping to track the little bits of things that we have going.  I was struck with guilt when I re-read my book on keeping dairy goats and it counseled never, never, EVER purchase a dairy goat from a seller who does not keep good barn records…so I cannot buy a goat from myself, then.  That’s ok.  The one I’d consider selling I wouldn’t want to buy.  Anyhow, begin a habit while my life consists of next to nothing and hopefully it will stick when I get up and around again.

If you are reading this, and I do realize that this warning will be issued a bit too late–thanks to the backwards format of blogs, but if you cringe at body stuff, be prepared to cringe or don’t read.  I’ll not include gratuitous yuck, but life with kids and animals is very biological!

I’m off!


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